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Buying Yasmin online - you should know that Yasmin - is a modern drug designed to prevent pregnancy and normalize the menstrual cycle in women aged 18 to 40 years. Each Yasmin tablet contains a certain amount of two female hormones - Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol. Contraceptives such as Yasmin, which contain two hormones at once - a combined contraceptive pills.



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Yasmin contraceptive pills contain 2 active substances: Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone. Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone directly affect the egg thereby slowing the process of ovulation. Hormonal directed action instantly affects the microflora of the cervix. Due to the reaction of the uterine mucus and the main components of the drug Yasmin, the work of the glands that produce cervical secret slows down. The cervix, deprived of the necessary amount of nutrients and mucus, becomes difficult to access for the movement of sperm. The effect of the drug is effective by 87%, contraception has a positive effect on the hormonal background of the woman. Included in the Drospirenone useful to patients suffering from hormonal imbalance, up to the neuro-mental form. Pills weight Yasmin 3 mg are coated. One blister of Yasmin contraceptive pills is enough for 3 weeks.

The main reason that causes every third woman to go to oral contraceptive Yasmin, are observed on the background of taking other drugs side effects. Almost 40% of women reported an increase in body weight when using their previous contraceptive, which forced them to stop taking the drug.

Among other reasons were also mentioned: the need for modern and safe contraception (28% of respondents), the desire to use the most effective method of protection from unwanted pregnancy (4%), health care (9%). The desire to improve the condition of the skin and hair guided the choice of 18% of respondents, and 13% sought to adjust their menstrual cycle.

37% of respondents who noted in the initial interview information about skin problems before using Yasmin took part in an additional survey. Of these, 74% reported improvement, 11% found it difficult to respond and only 14% did not report positive changes.

Another subject of the study was the observation of weight changes when taking the drug Yasmin. 80% of the respondents had no increase in body weight. 39% of women who switched to the use of oral contraceptive Yasmin, did it because of the increase in body weight under the influence of other drugs. After six months of use, 90% of those who switched to the contraceptive Yasmin noted the stability of body weight or its reduction.

The effect of Yasmin on the severity of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was also studied. 66% of all respondents suffered from varying degrees of PMS. Against the background of the drug Yasmin severity of PMS symptoms decreased significantly.

Another criterion that eloquently testifies to the benefits of the drug Yasmin, is to improve the overall health of respondents. 62% of Yasmin users now report feeling better than before using the drug. 82% of users are ready to recommend Yasmin to their friends and acquaintances.

Advantages of Yasmin

Easy to use. Single-phase pills have constant doses of estrogen and progestogen throughout the cycle, and therefore, they cannot be mixed up. Drink the drug should be at the same time, but a delay of up to 12 hours will not cause a decrease in efficiency.

Reliability. Tablets are effective as sterilization, but their effect is easily reversible. And if the conception occurred on the background of Yasmin tablets, the instruction does not insist on termination of pregnancy, because this drug does not cause abnormalities in the development of the child.

Cosmetic effect. The tablets can be taken by women of any age who do not have contraindications, but they are intended primarily for adults who gave birth to women of gestagenic type. The peculiarity of this type – a tendency to acne, oily skin and hair, depression and lower back pain before menstruation. Gestagen drospirenone in the composition of Yasmin, has an antiandrogenic effect, which results in much less acne, reduced fat content of the skin and hair. It also fights fluid retention in the body, thereby eliminating hidden swelling and reducing weight.

Unspoken side effect. Birth control pills Yasmin instruction describes as a low-dose drug. This means that the contraceptive effect is achieved with a minimum dose of active substances.

Indications for Use

Daily intake of the hormone preparation Yasmin is intended to "deceive" the female body and make it work as if the ovulation process has already occurred. As a result, the maturation and exit of the egg from the ovary does not occur. The contraceptive effect of Yasmin is due to the action of the active substances contained in it, aimed at inhibiting the ovulation process, increasing the viscosity of the cervical mucus, which prevents the penetration of sperm from the vagina into the uterus. In addition, the hormones present in the preparation alter the endometrium, as a result of which, even if fertilization occurred, the probability of implantation of the fetal egg is minimized. It should also be noted that in addition to effective prevention of unwanted pregnancy, birth control pills Yasmin are prescribed for the treatment of acne and seborrhea in women. yasmin pills

Yasmin contraceptive is prescribed in several cases:

Hormonal contraception is also effective in case of excessive breast engorgement.

Dosage and Administration

Medication Yasmin use once a day for 1 tablet strictly at the same time. Be careful because if you miss or violation of the dose Yasmin - possible negative consequences for the body. After 21 days of taking the tablets daily, you need to take a 7-day break. After a break of seven days after the end of the reception repeat the standard dosage of the contraceptive Yasmin. During the break, you may start bleeding - do not worry it is a normal reaction of the body! Yasmin contraception restores the regular menstrual cycle.

Yasmin contraceptive pills are a monophase type of contraceptive, so you need to get advice from your gynecologist before using. Irregular bleeding in the first weeks of admission - a normal phenomenon, and eventually stabilized.

When taking the drug Yasmin, the cycle lasts normally, without complications and abdominal pain. Often, this medication is taken to control the menstrual cycle, in particular, to reduce pain. Do not stop taking the drug after the start of blood secretions to avoid serious complications in the uterus.

Before Taking Yasmin

Before you start taking Yasmin, you should definitely consult with your doctor. The doctor must examine your personal and family history. Also it should measure blood pressure, the following steps when examined should be considered depending on your personal health situation, on this you need to pass some other tests.

On our website about buying Yasmin online describes the situations in which you should stop using Yasmin, or that the effect may decrease. Yasmin, Like other hormonal contraceptives, does not protect against HIV infection or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

You should not start taking the contraceptive Yasmin if you have ever been found or have the following symptoms or diseases:

There is some risk group of people who should be especially careful when using Yasmin. Make sure before you buy Yasmin whether you have these symptoms, be sure to tell your doctor about them, that would avoid health problems while taking Yasmin!

Any use of combined contraceptives, including Yasmin, increases the risk of developing blood clots in the veins (venous thrombosis) when compared with women who do not take any birth control.

The risk of blood clots in the veins of users of combined tablets increases:

Increase the chances of blood clots when taking yasmin the following factors:

Stop taking Yasmin and consult your doctor immediately if you notice possible signs of a blood clot such as:

There are also many other factors are not described in this manual, this is very important before buying Yasmin online mandatory consultation of the doctor, as well as during the entire period of reception Yasmin. You can also buy antibiotics in our pharmacy.

The reception of combined oral contraceptives (like Yasmin) can affect the results of certain lab tests, including liver function tests, kidneys, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, the level of transport proteins in the plasma, the carbohydrate metabolism parameters of coagulation and fibrinolysis. Changes usually do not go beyond normal values. Drospirenone increases the activity of plasma renin and aldosterone, which is associated with its anti-mineralocorticoid effect.

Yasmin and Cancer

There is an opinion on combined contraceptive pills, as noted breast cancer is found more often in women using combined contraceptives, but it is not known whether this is due to the treatment of tablets. Most likely, tumors were found due to the fact that the treatment of yasmin women are more likely to be examined by doctors.

A Smoking woman should understand that even the minimum dose of estrogen contained in the drug increases blood clotting. In any case, do not listen to the advice of "well-wishers" that modern microdosed contraceptive pills can be taken without risk to health.

Symptoms of overdose are nausea, vomiting, bleeding in form of spotting or discharge metrorrhagia. If signs of overdose appear, you should consult a specialist. Treatment is aimed at eliminating symptoms.

The Beginning of Taking the Drug Yasmin

If you did not take other hormonal contraceptives in the previous month, then you should start taking Yasmin on the first day of the cycle or on the first day of the month. It is allowed to take on the second-fifth day of the cycle, but during the next seven days of taking the pills it is recommended to use additional barrier remedies against unplanned pregnancy (condom).

- When switching to Yasmin from other oral contraceptives, her reception should begin the next day after taking the last (twenty-first) pill from the previous package. Admission Yasmin in the transition from the vaginal ring or contraceptive patch should be carried out on the day of removal of the vaginal ring or patch, but not later than the day in which a new ring should be introduced or pasted a new patch.

The transition to the drug Yasmin with "mini-pili" can be carried out on any day (without interruption), with a hormonal implant or intrauterine contraceptive with gestagen - the day of its removal, with injections - from the day on which a new injection should be made. At the same time, all variants require additional contraception during the first week of taking the drug.

- After abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, the drug should be started immediately on the day of abortion, with no additional protection required.

After childbirth or abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy, the drug should be started, after 21-28 days after birth (if the woman is not breastfeeding) or abortion. At a later start of taking the contraceptive Yasmin, it is necessary to use additional contraceptives during the week of taking the drug. It should be noted that if a woman before taking Yasmin had sex, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of pregnancy, and it is desirable to wait for the beginning of menstruation.

The Dose was Missed

• If the pill was missed for less than twelve hours, the contraceptive protection of the drug remains. In this case, it is necessary to take the missed tablet as soon as possible, and then the reception is carried out according to the scheme. If the delay in admission was more than twelve hours, the effectiveness of the drug is sharply reduced. The higher the probability of pregnancy, the more missed pills, especially in the period close to the weekly break. In this case, there are several options for women when skipping the drug for more than twelve hours.

• So, if the delay in the admission of the drug was allowed in the first week of the cycle (taking the drug), the woman should immediately take the missed pill, even if it is time to take the next missed pill. It is allowed to take two tablets at a time, and then the usual regimen. But at the same time during the next week it is necessary to use a condom, as an additional measure of protection. If a woman had sexual intercourse within a week before the drug was passed, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

• If you miss the drug Yasmin in the second week of admission is necessary to take this tablet as soon as possible. If it is time to take the tablet following the missed one, it is allowed to take two tablets at once. The next pill should be taken as usual. If the drug was taken correctly during the first week, before skipping his admission, then further use of barrier methods of contraception is not required, the contraceptive effect remains. Otherwise, as well as if the woman missed taking more than two pills, you should use an additional condom for a week.

• On the third week of admission with the omission of the drug, the risk of pregnancy increases against the background of the upcoming seven-day break. Here it is necessary to take into account some rules. If during the week preceding the first missed pill, the drug was taken correctly without interruption, then further use of other contraceptives is not necessary. Otherwise, you need to take the missed pill as soon as possible, and if necessary (if it is time to take another pill) take two at once. The next pill is taken, following the usual scheme. However, the new packaging of the drug should be started without interruption. In this case, bleeding is unlikely to occur until the second package is finished, but there may be spotting and breakthrough bleeding during the period of taking the tablets.

Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

If the pregnancy is the period of taking the drug Yasmin, you should urgently stop taking the drug and contact your gynecologist. During lactation, it is also not recommended to take the drug, since the substances included in it can change the composition and properties of breast milk, as well as adversely affect its quantity.

Side Effect

During the reception of pills for contraception Yasmin you may have the following side effects: yasmin contraceptive pills

If during the administration of the drug (up to 4 hours after taking it) a woman has vomiting or diarrhea, it is necessary to additionally use contraceptives, since in this case the absorption of the drug may not be complete, which is fraught with pregnancy. In this embodiment, the situation should be regarded as a missed pill and navigate on the basis of the above recommendations.


Description of the drug Yasmin on this page is a simplified and supplemented version of the official instructions for use. Before purchasing or using the drug, you should consult your doctor and read the manufacturer's approved annotation.

Information about the drug is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as a guide to self-medication. Only a doctor can decide on the appointment of the drug, as well as to determine the dose and how to use it.