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If you want to buy Yasmin online Canada before buying you should know that the drug has contraindications. Do not start using this drug without first consulting your doctor. Yasmin is a monophasic oral contraceptive. This means that all tablets in the package contain the same dose of hormones. One tablet of Yasmin contains 30 mcg (0.03 mg) of Ethinyl Estradiol and 3 mg Drospirenone. One package contains one blister (plate) of Yasmin for reception within one month.



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Oral contraceptives Yasmin have antiandrogenic effect. This means that they block the action of male sex hormones (androgens) in the body of a woman. Androgens are known to be a common cause of oily skin and acne. Therefore, Yasmin can have a cosmetic effect-to eliminate or at least weaken acne.

In addition, yasmin allows you to reduce pain during menstruation, as well as reduce the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Yasmin tablets do not retain water in the body, so their reception does not increase the weight of women.

Yasmin can be used as a treatment for endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine myoma, polycystic ovaries and some other gynecological diseases.

Rules of Admission Yasmin

If you take Yasmin for the first time: the first pill should be taken on the first day of menstruation (this day is considered the first day of the menstrual cycle). Menstruation may stop at the beginning of taking pills, due to the action of hormones. No big deal.

• You can start taking pills and 3-5 day of the month, but in this case it is necessary to use additional contraception (eg, condom) a week after the start of taking the pills.

Take the tablets preferably every day at about the same hour.

• It is recommended to take the tablets in the order indicated on the blister. But, if you mix something up, and began to drink pills in order, then nothing terrible will happen, since all yasmin tablets contain the same dose of hormones.

After finishing the blister (when you have finished 21 tablets), you should take a 7-day break, during which the tablets do not need to be taken. During the 7-day break, you may start menstruating.

• Taking the first pill from the next blister should be started on the 8th day after a 7-day break, regardless of menstruation (even if it has not yet started or not yet ended).

Do I Need to be Protected During a 7-day Break?

During the week break between the packages do not need to use additional contraceptives, as the contraceptive effect is maintained at a high level.

If the pills are chosen correctly, they do not cause weight gain. Perhaps, excess kilograms appear absolutely for other reasons – for example, young girls often begin to be protected, and they begin to gain weight because of age factors or change of lifestyle.

But this is true only for those cases where the woman took the pills from the previous package without missing and according to the rules. If you missed one or more pills in the third week of taking yasmin or if the effect of the pills could be lowered for another reason (vomiting, diarrhea, medication, etc.), then a 7-day break is recommended not to do at all.

How to Switch to Yasmin with Other Birth Control Pills?

If you have taken other birth control pills and now want to switch to Yasmin follow these rules:

How to switch to yasmin with a vaginal ring or hormonal patch?

The first Yasmin pill should be taken the day you removed the vaginal ring or removed the hormonal patch, or the day you need to attach a new patch, or put the vaginal ring back on.

How to Switch to Yasmin with the Intrauterine Device?

When switching to birth control pills yasmin with intrauterine device, take the first tablet on the day of removal of the spiral. Use additional contraception (e.g. condoms) for 7 days after starting Yasmin.

How to Start Taking Yasmin after Abortion?

If the termination of pregnancy occurred at less than 12 weeks, the first tablet of Yasmin can be drunk on the day of abortion.

If longer than 12 weeks – the appointment of yasmin, you can start through 21-28 days after an abortion. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, use a condom one week after you start taking birth control pills. If you had unprotected sex before taking birth control pills, you should not take yasmin until you are sure that you are not pregnant.

How to Start Taking Yasmin after Having a Baby?

You can start taking Yasmin 21 or 28 days after birth. If you start taking the pills later, you need to further protect yourself for 7 days. If before taking birth control pills you had unprotected sex, then you can start taking the pills only after you exclude a possible pregnancy.

Can I Take Yasmin if I'm Breast-feeding?

Yasmin tablets are not recommended to drink if you are breastfeeding. For nursing mothers, there are special contraceptive pills that do not penetrate into breast milk.

What Should I do if I Missed a Pill Yasmin?

If the delay in taking the tablet yasmin was less than 12 hours (ie, after taking the last pill took less than 36 hours), the contraceptive effect of the tablets is not reduced. Drink the missed pill as soon as you remember it. Additional protection in this case is not necessary.

If the delay in the reception was more than 12 hours, then look at what the tablet was missed:

From 1 to 7 tablets: you need to drink a missed tablet as soon as remembered about it, even if it will have to drink 2 tablets at the same time. Use additional contraception (such as a condom) for the next 7 days.

From 8 to 14 tablets: you need to drink a missed tablet as soon as remembered about it, even if it will have to drink 2 tablets at the same time. If the previous 7 days (before the pass) you took the pills by the rules, did not pass, you can not use additional contraception. In any other case, it is recommended to additionally protect yourself for a week after release.

15 to 21 tablets: take the missed yasmin pill as soon as you remember the pass, even if you have to take 2 tablets at the same time. After that, continue taking the tablets as usual, and at the end of the blister immediately start the next blister (without making a 7-day break). If the previous 7 days before the pass you took all the pills on time, there is no need for additional contraception. Otherwise, use protection for 7 days after missing.

What if I Missed a Few Yasmin Pills?

If you missed 2 yasmin pills in a row, note which pills you missed. If it is a pill of the first or second week of reception (from 1 to 14), then take 2 tablets at once as soon as remembered about the admission and 2 more tablets next day. Next, take one tablet daily, as usual, until the end of the package. Use additional contraception for another 7 days after resuming taking the pills.

If you miss two pills in a row in the 3rd week (15 to 21), there are two options:

1. continue taking yasmin one tablet a day until the package is finished and then, without making a 7-day break, start a new package. At the same time, use additional contraceptives for another 7 days after skipping.

2. throw away the current (unfinished) package and start taking a new package with the first tablet (one tablet a day, as usual). At the same time, additional contraceptives should be used 7 days after the pass.

If you missed 3 yasmin pills in a row, discard the current pill pack and start a new pack with the first pill. Use additional contraception for another 7 days. You will have an increased risk of pregnancy, so if the next break of the month will not come, contact your gynecologist.

If you are not sure what to do in your situation, in any case, use additional means of contraception until you consult with your doctor. In any case, when skipping two or more tablets must be protected additionally (with condoms) for a minimum of 7 days.

After 1-2 days after skipping the pills you may have spotting or breakthrough bleeding, similar to monthly. It is not dangerous and is connected with the passes of the Yas. Continue taking the pill according to instructions, allocation will cease.

Spotting when Taking Yasmin

Some women on the background of receiving yasmin appear spotting brown discharge. Such secretions are normal if you started taking Yasmin a few months ago, if the secretions appeared in the middle of the package or continue for several days after the end of menstrual-like bleeding.

However, in some situations, spotting can talk about reducing the effect of yasmin and even some diseases.

How to Delay Your Period Using Yasmin?

If you need to postpone your period, then after the end of one package of yasmin the next day, start a new blister, without making a 7-day break. Menstruation in this case will be delayed for 2-4 weeks, but there may be a slight spotting spotting approximately in the middle of the next package.

Please note: - You can postpone menstruation only if you took yasmin at least one month before the unwanted menstruation.

If You Want to Make Big Breaks in Reception of Yasmin?

If you have been taking Yas for more than 6-12 months, you may want to consider taking a break for a few months.

What if There is no Monthly Period During the 7-day Break in Yasmin?

Remember carefully if you took all the pills correctly last month.

If you followed the basic rules of taking yasmin pills, did not make passes and were not late for more than 12 hours, then do not worry. After the 7-day break, you can start taking a new blister. If the next 7-day break will not be monthly, then contact your gynecologist to rule out a possible pregnancy.

If last month you had errors in taking pills (omissions, delays), then stop taking yasmin pills until you are sure that you are not pregnant.

What if I Got Pregnant While Taking Yasmin?

Pregnancy in the case of proper administration of Yasmin tablets Canada is extremely rare. It is more likely that the pregnancy occurred as a result of errors that you made in the previous month.

So, what if the test unexpectedly showed 2 strips? First of all, stop taking the pills and consult your gynecologist.

Taking yasmin in the early stages of pregnancy can not harm the health of your unborn child, so you can safely leave the pregnancy. In this case, start taking folic acid as soon as possible.

Yasmin Before Surgery

If you have a planned operation, then taking yasmin tablets should be stopped a month (4 weeks) before surgery. This will reduce the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels. If the operation is required urgently, be sure to tell the surgeon that you are taking birth control pills. In this case, the doctor will take additional measures to prevent the formation of blood clots (with medication).

You will be able to start taking Yasmin 2 weeks after you can walk on your own after surgery.

How Often Should I Visit a Gynecologist when Taking Yasmin?

Even if you do not care, you need to visit a gynecologist prophylactically at least once a year.