How to increase low blood pressure?

The condition in which the blood pressure is below 100/60 mm of mercury column is pathological and is called arterial hypotension or hypotension. Physiologically, this is due to a decrease in the tone of the muscles that are in the walls of the arteries. A person with low blood pressure may experience weakness, increased fatigue, dizziness and headache may occur. Unmotivated fears and anxiety may occur. Short-term loss of consciousness is possible. So how to increase low blood pressure?

Types of hypotension and causes of its occurrence

There are 2 types of low blood pressure (hypotension) – primary and secondary. Primary hypotension can be caused by inherited genetic factors, as well as the constitution of the physique. Most often hypotension is suffered by girls of asthenic type.

Secondary hypotension is a consequence of concomitant disease. It can be caused by anemia, viral diseases, hepatitis, allergies or peptic ulcer. By treating these diseases can get rid of arterial hypotension.

There is also so-called “hypotension of training”. It can occur in people who are professionally engaged in any sport. This is a non-pathological condition. In this case, the body is forced to fight the maximum loads that arise during competitions or intense training. Thus, the body relieves tension and rests.

Raise low blood pressure without pills

The problem of hypotension is dealt with by cardiologists. At an appointment with such a doctor, people suffering from arterial hypotension hear banal advice about their lifestyle. Nevertheless, to get rid of low blood pressure, they should be performed. Take walks in the fresh air, sleep more than 8 hours a day, take a contrast shower, swim and exercise in the morning. Not unreasonable will be a course of massage.

In addition, to increase low blood pressure will help good coffee, as well as tincture of lemongrass (25 drops 3-4 times a day), tincture of ginseng, extract of lezvea or eleutherococcus. In neglected cases, these recommendations alone are not enough and then prescribed drugs that increase low blood pressure.

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