About female body

Since we agreed that the book will be devoted to all ages of women and it may well be read by very young ladies, we will begin the description of the device of women with the most understandable and accessible simple inspection details.

Unlike boys in the very bottom of the abdomen, girls have no outstanding formations, and there are two labia, which are also called “large labia”, because there are also “small labia”.

Small labia are hidden under large lips, but not at all. There are so many different combinations of what the labia minora and labia majora may look like (see figure above), and all of these options are the norm.

There are a large number of forms of labia. And everyone is the norm.

At a very young age, all girls have small labia covered with large and look the same, but as they Mature, there are several processes that will later determine what the external genitals will look like. So, after the onset of puberty, the size and shape of the labia minora will begin to change, in addition, the pelvic bones and the distribution of adipose tissue will begin to transform.

The emerging pelvic bones and the distribution of fatty tissue will create the shape of the labia majora, their size, appearance and location of the genital slit (it can start closer to the abdomen or Vice versa – closer to the perineum).

Small labia at someone increase very slightly and can be small, hardly distinguishable. In others, they grow quickly and early enough to go beyond the labia majora, become dark and acquire different shapes. Some girls it starts to create quite big problems. The shape and size of the labia minora often do not like, and this causes serious complexes and embarrassment even in women’s society, for example in locker rooms.

As far as I know, in the view of most women, the ideal type of genitals involves a situation where the labia minora is completely hidden under the large or slightly protrude from under them. In such a situation, a significant protrusion of small lips is perceived as a clear cosmetic defect and subsequently is a fairly common cause of plastic surgery to reduce them.

Interestingly, surveys of men regarding the type of genitals in women did not reveal such a sharp negative attitude to the labia minora. A very small percentage of men find unattractive the large size of the labia minora the vast majority of men do not see this as a problem. This is important. It turns out that men in General are not as important as the look of female genitals: they are most often attracted to a woman as a whole, and such details do not affect their feelings and desires.

Understand that a woman is important two assessments: what they think about other women, and the rating men, with the assessment of other women much more stringent and picky than men. You know that a woman will always find something to complain about, but if from the very beginning to try to understand that the genitals are still quite hidden and will be more accessible for viewing only to your man, who is not so important, what they look like, you can give this issue less attention.

Most men do not focus on the shape of your genitals.

The amount of fat also affects the shape of the genitals. For example, a strong weight loss can lead to a decrease in the labia majora, which can affect their appearance. And of course, genetics is of great importance: the type of genitals is inherited through the female line, so here, alas, it is necessary to take the situation as it is.

If the labia majora is more aesthetic, the labia minora has an additional function. Since there is a complete correspondence between the male and female external genitals in terms of the tissues from which they are created (we will discuss this in more detail below), it is possible to indicate that the large labia correspond to the scrotum in men, and the small ones to the foreskin. Large labia are also sensitive, and touching them leads to pleasant sensations, but small labia are more sensitive and enter into direct contact with the clitoris – your most pleasant place in the body.

It is known that the genitals develop in men and women from the same tissues. So, the large lips of the vagina corresponds to the scrotum, and the small – foreskin.

The clitoris is an organ that exists only for pleasure. In the last Chapter I will describe in detail his anatomy and physiology, and now briefly say that you can see only a very small part of the clitoris – his head, which is covered with a hood. In fact, it is much larger, has a body and two legs hidden inside the labia majora, but about this, as I said, in the last Chapter.

Clitoris size, from tiny points up to 3-5 mm is quite a large formation of 2-3 cm. Size of the clitoris as a whole does not affect your ability to have fun, more value is its distance from the entrance to the vagina, as the closer it is located to the vulvar ring, the more he is involved in stimulation during intercourse. Details about this in the last Chapter.

As part of this initial narrative, the only thing to add about the clitoris is that around its head, which is covered with a hood, a special lubricant accumulates, in fact very similar to that which is also produced in men around the head of the penis. During hygienic measures, do not forget about its presence and wash it thoroughly.

Below the clitoris is the outer opening of the urethra. This is a small hole up to 5 mm, from which the process of urination. The opening of the urethra is bordered by the entrance to the vagina, but these are different holes, decided to clarify just in case someone does not know.

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