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To finish with the area of the perineum and go deeper, it is necessary to highlight another issue concerning the hair that is actively growing there. The main question that most often can be heard: do these hair have any significant function for the body? Of course, clearly no one can answer this question, there are only assumptions that the hair can help reduce skin friction in this narrow place, which prevents injury to the external genitals. Also, the hair is able to delay the smell, which may be considered only as atavism. Let me remind you that for animals it is the smell that is the strongest factor in attracting a partner for coitus, people in most cases have lost such a primitive mechanism, but still there is a specific smell of the genitals, and the hair is able to hold it and spread it better. In General, there are no other functions in the hair in the perineum. To remove or not to remove the hair in the perineum, every woman decides on her own. In modern society, most women tend to remove hair, but there are those who do not do it and feel comfortable. That is, that you remove the hair, there is nothing wrong, and it does not affect your health and does not increase the risk of anything to get sick, that is, the issue with the hair is a matter of fashion and personal preferences of a woman and/or her partner.

The hair in the crotch has no function. Rather, it is a throwback.

At the same time, the process of hair removal often creates additional problems for women, which can result in already small diseases for the skin of the perineum. Most often, it is inflammation of the hair follicles as a result of ingrown hairs or in contact with microorganisms after skin damage. All this is not very pleasant, and a rare woman does not suffer from such side effects. Recipes to prevent such unpleasant consequences of the proposed lots. Here are a few tips on how to deal with them.

After hair removal, to relieve irritation, you can use two tools that must be mixed 1:1 and applied to the skin – 1 % hydrocortisone ointment and ointment containing aloe Vera. Carefully read the contraindications for 1 % hydrocortisone ointment; in General, nothing serious, but pregnant women, for example, can not use it, as well as in the presence of an open wound.

Shaving should be disposable blades for hair growth. 2-3 days after the procedure, you need to wear free underwear to reduce the chances of ingrowth.

With black dots folliculitis – it is very effective to deal with using a liquid for rinsing the mouth, which can also be used as antiseptic and for other skin problems.

Another problem related to hair is its quantity. If some young ladies hair is quite small, hair is thin and soft, located exclusively in the bikini area, others in contrast to this situation, everything is much more dramatic. Hair can be a lot, they can profusely cover and bikini area with the transition to the inner surface of the thighs, up towards the navel, to grow around the nipples and even lower back. There are two reasons for this problem: in one case it is a manifestation of the disease, in the other – your feature associated with increased activity of one enzyme in the skin, increasing its sensitivity to male sex hormones. Such, in particular, meets, if in your kind there is nationality, which have heightened vegetation on the body is the norm. As for diseases that lead to excessive growth of body hair – of course, you can find out only by contacting a doctor, but there is a simple test: if you have a regular menstrual cycle (±2-3 days), the probability that you have problems with hormones is close to zero. In this case, we have to admit that there is nothing to treat, and should focus on finding reliable methods of hair removal.

Increased growth of body hair is not a sign of any disease, if a woman has a stable menstrual cycle.

Hair growing on the shins and forearms is not dependent on hormones and is completely determined by your heredity. Excess growth “of the downy delicate” facial hair is associated with quite different problems (malfunction of the adrenal hormone), and you should consult an endocrinologist.

I think that everything important about the perineum, I told you, it’s time to move inside. The way in is through the vagina, and that’s where we start.

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