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Immediately same want warn, that I not’m treating men, but so as on debt services account for repair the place, where men like byvat as can be more often, had to plunge and in the world male maladies.

Very often in my practice I face such a situation: a girl complains of thrush or bad discharge and says that her man also has problems and he is very worried. Since an anxious man is often a very serious problem for everyone around him, let’s start the process of calming down.

The scientific name of thrush in men is candidiasis balanoposthitis.

In men, thrush (medically called candidiasis balanoposthitis) is rare. This disease is most often confused with a simple traumatic irritation of the skin covering the head of the penis. At the same time, small red spots appear on the head, there may be single red pimples and a small itch. The fact is that in the presence of inflammation and especially with thrush, the vagina becomes, to put it mildly, “unfriendly” for the penis – the walls are denser, there is little lubrication, the environment is more acidic – so the penis is injured by friction in such conditions. After assessing the “combat injuries” the next day, the man turns an inquiring gaze on his woman, who immediately redirects it to her gynecologist. The gynecologist often confirms that the man also has thrush, and prescribes treatment for both. But in fact, such irritation on the head passes without any treatment for 3-5 days. Such “combat injuries” are also possible with prolonged sexual acts, lack of lubrication, anal and oral sex with technical errors on the part of the performer.

Your man the day after intercourse begins to complain of discomfort when urinating. Further, the classical situation: the woman gynecologist often finds only Ureaplasma and/or Mycoplasma and/or Gardnerella (all by PCR), and approximately the same set reveals an urologist. And rushed “treatment”: antibiotics, immunomodulators, candles, massages, droppers, etc. What was it really? The environment in the vagina of a woman during the menstrual cycle is constantly changing. Change pH (normally there acid pH 3,8–4,2) from more acidic to neutral, the composition of the flora, the consistency, the number of secretions. Even the use of spicy food can affect the quality of secretions in the vagina. During sexual intercourse, the penis is subjected not only to friction with different sliding coefficient, but also to immersion in this medium, which also enters the urethra, which can create temporary discomfort when urinating, which independently passes for 1-2 days, unless, of course, you pay attention to it. Well, if you immediately get scared and start tracking this symptom, then it is delayed for a long time and passes only after treatment, in which the main thing is to believe. Diagnosis-exception – so-called “negonokokkovyy urethritis”: he meets rarely, on fact to inspire his can different microorganisms, most often this Mycoplasma genitanilium, but there is situation, when nothing suspicious not manages detect. The diagnosis is made – there is no gonorrhea and chlamydia, but there is a clinic of urethritis. An important point – this urethritis will not pass on its own for 1-2 days, and the symptoms will be permanent. Advice for men: after sexual intercourse, be sure to go to the toilet to urinate.

Spicy food can affect the vaginal environment.

Often, after visiting a gynecologist, who found small warts in the vulva and scared to death by the consequences of HPV, a woman begins to closely study the penis of her man in order to find the source of her troubles and finds a lot of warts around the head of the penis. On the one hand, it calms her, since the reason is found, but then the problems arise already in the man who is sent to remove all this. In fact, nothing should be removed, since it is not warts, but the so-called “pearl papules” – a variant of the norm. So look a little exaggerated weekend the ducts of the glands on the head. They are distinguished by the same size, close proximity to each other and a matte surface. I repeat: it does not require treatment, it is not dangerous.

“Pearly papules” – small growths around the glans of the penis is a bit exaggerated weekend the ducts of the glands. You do not need to delete them.

In fact, men due to anatomical features are much less prone to any serious problems associated with sexual intercourse. The exception is venereal diseases, but in this case it is necessary to correctly approach the protection. It is important for men to remember that the vagina is sometimes aggressive to the skin of the penis, and the skin of the penis itself is quite sensitive and vulnerable. Yes, women have flora disorders, in which men may experience discomfort, but this condition is not dangerous in terms of the development of the disease in the partner. It is important to remember that the vagina of an insufficiently excited woman is also traumatic (the walls are denser, there is little lubrication), and this problem can be eliminated by paying a little more attention at the preliminary stage. The hypocrisy of men often leads to the caring hands of a urologist, and there-chronic prostatitis, prostate massage and endless courses of antibiotics…

Insufficiently excited woman can become a source of “pain”, not pleasure for a man! This is due to the injury of the penis to the dry mucous membrane of the vagina.

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