Don’t sit on the cold – Children will not

So, I bring clarity.

  • Inflammation of the appendages does not develop from hypothermia. Inflammation of the appendages is caused in 90 % of cases by venereal infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, in the rest – opportunistic flora (living in the vagina).
  • Gonorrhea and chlamydia are infected with unprotected sexual acts, in fact, so inflammation of the appendages most often happens up to 25 years in the presence of many partners with whom sex is carried out without a condom.
  • Opportunistic flora (10 % of cases) – flora from the vagina, which enters the upper genital tract. Risk factors: vaginal showers, abortions, miscarriages, scraping, childbirth, intrauterine spiral, that is, everything that contributes to the ingress of flora, not dangerous to the vagina, into the uterus and tubes, where normally it should be sterile.

If sexually transmitted infections are all clear, in any case they will cause inflammation, the pathogenic flora play a role only in conditions of low immunity. Here and can work the effect of “to chill”. Itself local cooling with sterile genital tract is not dangerous. We often put ice on the lower abdomen after surgery to make the uterus contract. Dangerous hypothermia, which triggers the standard mechanism of stress.

  • Stress – a powerful factor in reducing immunity. Therefore, if you are really very cold and the body has experienced stress, you may have inflammation of the appendages, but only if there are pathogens in the genital tract of this process, if not – there will be no inflammation. In other words-a girl sitting on a cold, nothing can harm itself, since its upper genital tract is sterile.

Hypothermia causes stress in the body, which reduces immunity and facilitates the development of inflammatory diseases. Cold-tempered people don’t experience stress.

• Active podawania warm underwear devoid of meaning. The ovaries do not need additional warming for their work. If you generally do not freeze to a stressful state, the abdominal cavity is maintained at the optimum temperature.

• The phrase “I freeze slightly, the appendages begin to ache” answer: lower abdominal pain “in the region of the appendages” is a very subjective symptom, and does not indicate that you have inflammation. There can be many reasons. Often the diagnosis is made only on the basis of this complaint, supporting the patient in her delusion, and “out of harm’s way” prescribe antibiotics.

  • There are three minimum criteria for the diagnosis of “inflammation of the appendages”: pain in the lower abdomen, pain when the uterus shifts behind the neck and pain when palpation of the appendages. Attention: it can be painful if you look quickly and roughly, if you have not had a chair for a long time and the large intestine is filled with feces. In General, the left is always more painful (more unpleasant than the right) – the nuances of the anatomy of the intestine.

• Be sure if in any doubt on “zastuzheny appendages” you must make a research on chlamydia and gonorrhea, and common DAB, as in 90% of cases “saturat” appendages these sexually transmitted infections. Now you can not wear additional panties with fleece, but in General dress accordingly to your tolerance of cold, so as not to develop General hypothermia. It is possible to be tempered, and it will increase tolerance to cold, and then the mini-skirt will easily enter your winter wardrobe.

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