Povetkin has passed a positive doping test meldonium

Povetkin has passed a positive doping test meldonium.

A few hours ago it became known that the doping sample Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, who continues to prepare for the scheduled May 21 in Moscow fight for the title of world champion by the World Boxing Council (WBC) against American Deonteya Wilder showed signs buying original meldonium online put forward to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list in funds. According to available information, the body Povetkin fixed residual trace of the drug, which the athlete last used in September 2015, when meldonium, or, as it is called mildronat (metabolic means, normalizing the energy metabolism of cells exposed to hypoxia or ischemia, supports energy metabolism heart and other organs -. Note “Championship”), it was not prohibited..

Povetkin vs. meldonium.

The doping sample Russian Vityaz meldonium detected at a concentration of 72 nanograms, which is significantly less than 1 microgram. Cases when doping sample meldonium content of less than 1 microgram and it is taken before March 1, 2016, compared with the case of the drug until January 1, 2016. It is assumed that the athlete did not take the drug intentionally after his ban. Investigations into meldonium consumption will continue, if the substance concentration exceeds 15 micrograms. From this we can conclude that recorded in the presence of a boxer body preparation is quite insignificant and unlikely to entail severe sanctions.According to the company “World of Boxing” Andrew Ryabinskogo, his client was fully aware that meldonium ranked among the banned substances, why voluntarily renounced its use. “Meldonium concentration found in the sample Povetkin is very low – 72 ng. The only question is how this is now the WBC will carefully treat. Meldonium – a very specific drug. It is not clear how it works and how much time is displayed in full. The fact that it took Sasha – is not a secret, but he did it in September last year, when the drug was officially allowed. In fact it turns out a very specific situation. Man has always used the drugs only permitted, but now he has obtained positive test, and the remnants meldonium are banned drug. What to do in this situation? Sampling (there were four -. Note “Championship”.) Produced VADA – American voluntary Doping Agency, with whom we entered into an agreement by the WBC will. We did not mind, because we knew that we had a clean boxer. “

What meldonium?

Meldonium or mildronat was developed back in the 70s by the Soviet scientist of Latvia Ivars Kalvins and for the first time passed the test by the Soviet military in Afghanistan. It has been successfully used in cardiology for the maintenance of the heart muscle, and then penetrated into the sport. For athletes for many years he served as a kind of harmless Vitaminka. Strong on the result is not affected, but some positive effect exerted, and therefore always present in the medicine cabinet of any sports doctor. Some Western scholars have expressed the view that meldonium has a positive effect on endurance athletes and, therefore, must be in the forbidden list. Within a year he was on the monitor, and in September 2015 the first WADA announced that from January 1, he is on the list of banned drugs.Then no one has seen this danger, either in Russia or abroad. Athletes continued to use the drug until November, considering that in the past month, he will surely be removed from the body. The first sign back in January 2016 was the rider “Katyusha” Eduard Vorganov. It was followed by representatives of other sports – skaters, swimmers, skaters and biathletes, but to truly massive scandal erupted on 7 March when it became aware of the positive sample Maria Sharapova. Soon after doping disaster has taken a truly universal scale (over 200 positive doping tests), and WADA decided finally to conduct an independent investigation into the timing of the withdrawal meldonium from the body. As a result, it was decided that the concentration of up to 1 mg of the sample, which was submitted before March 1, is valid, and therefore the majority of accused Russian athletes were immediately admitted to the competition.

Who are their Russian athletes were convicted of use meldonium

Earlier positive doping tests mildronat, in particular, have passed the leader Russian men’s team in short track, Olympic champion in 2014 in the relay race, the world champion in 2015 at a distance of 1,500 m and an absolute champion of Europe in 2016 by Simon Yelistratov, Olympic champion – 2014 figure skating Yekaterina Bobrova, winner of five tournaments of “Grand Slam” winner of the Olympic games – 2012 in tennis Maria Sharapova, a five-time world champion in speed skating Pavel Pavel Kulizhnikov, volleyball player of the Moscow “Dynamo” and the national team of Russia Alexander Markin, European champion 2015 – short track Ekaterina Konstantinova, a double world champion in biathlon junior Edward Latypov, bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva, Russian national team players in rugby-7 Alex and Alena Mihaltsovy. Later meldonium positive for doping tests have shown the world champion swimmer Yulia Efimova, fighters Saleeva Eugene and Sergey Semenov, Athlete Hope Kotlyarova, riders Anastasia Chulkov and Paul Yakushevsky and water polo player Alexei Bugaychuk.

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