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Hormonal contraceptives (GC) in our country do not like, often motivated by the fact that it is “chemistry”, which disrupts the body and leads to many consequences. In General, the truth in this is, and it would be better, of course, not to take contraceptives, but let’s understand.

GK is one of the most reliable methods of contraception, that is, if they are removed, will remain condoms (many of them also really don’t like), intrauterine device (often not suitable for the sensations), spermicides (low reliability) and sterilization (essentially irreversible method). Interrupted sexual intercourse is not a method of contraception, and the calendar method is very unreliable. Thus, CC may have the right to exist simply because there is a need for contraception, and all of these methods for one reason or another may not be suitable.

Remember: PAP is not a method of contraception!

Drugs related to ha are simultaneously taken by the world’s largest number of people compared to any other drugs and have been doing so for more than 30 years, that is, these drugs are most studied, and all their effects are as predictable as possible. On average, 25% of women in America, Europe and Asia use GC for prevention.

It is hard to imagine that a quarter of women of reproductive age living in civilized countries use a method of contraception that affects their appearance, mood and violates their ability to conceive in the future. Interestingly, in the world there is not a single lawsuit concerning the harm caused by taking a contraceptive drug.

Hormonal contraceptives are the safest and most reliable method of protection against pregnancy. Their reception does not affect your ability to get pregnant later.

When you decide to start using GC, you essentially admit a few facts: you are not satisfied with the methods of contraception that you are using now; you realize that the lack of contraception or interrupted sexual intercourse can lead to an unwanted pregnancy, and abortion is always worse than taking drugs; you will start taking a drug, which in addition to the positive effect there are side effects, the development of which is individual.; against the background of taking drugs in your body there will be changes, but they will not have irreversible effects on your health – this has been proven by numerous clinical studies.

If you are an apologist for the preservation of physiological processes, let me remind you: the only manifestation of male reproductive function is ejaculation, female-pregnancy. The menstrual cycle does not exist in order for you to “menstruate”, it is not an excretory function, but a reaction to”again not coming pregnancy.” Thus, from the point of view of physiology, you do not perform a physiological function for years, forcing the menstrual cycle to repeat more times than physiology provides. As it turned out, a lot of menstruation accumulate “errors”, which are implemented in gynecological diseases. If not convinced, then you have only three methods of contraception-condom, spiral and spermicides.

There is no such table that would show how contraceptive you assign the results of hormonal tests, that is, the analysis on hormones before prescribing GC is not needed. At the heart of the selection of GC are just a few points: the collection of your history (you need to know if you have contraindications), a standard gynecological examination + ultrasound, evaluation of the blood coagulation system and several biochemical parameters (if there is evidence for this). That’s all.

There is no table that would show what contraceptive you should be prescribed based on the results of tests. Everything is very individual.

The emergence of new ha does not mean that these drugs are better than previous generations. It’s just an extension of the spectrum, which allows you to select a drug from a larger palette. Issues that must be addressed in the selection process: how to inject the drug into the body (the pill, patch, ring, IUD, implant); how much drug will be contained hormone (now the dose is low, but there is a choice between a little less and a little more); what is the progestin component in the drug will be and whether all the pills the same composition or the composition will change, simulating a menstrual cycle. In fact, all this choice applies only to tablets, as the ring, patch, spiral and implant exist only in one copy.

The selection of contraceptives is the same as the selection of shoes. The seller asks you questions about preferences, tries to pick up initially your option, but until you put on and walk around the store, it is impossible to say unequivocally that a pair of shoes suited you. The drug should come as the perfect shoes, so the selection is too much until you get the most comfortable option. The assessment of the condition is given two months. Sometimes you have to change 2-3 drugs until you reach the desired option.

All women who talk about the fact that the drug led to terrible consequences (weight, swelling, mood changes, decreased libido, deterioration of hair, skin, the appearance of secretions, etc.) – in fact, were not informed that all this is not necessary to endure for months, and this is an excuse to change the drug. Exactly the same way you can say that about any Shoe, picked the wrong shoes can erase the legs into the blood, cause terrible blisters and deformed toes and foot. Of course, there are women who can not find the perfect drug or it is contraindicated.

A marked decrease in libido, mood changes, pain in the mammary glands and weight gain are not mandatory companion of taking ha, these are signs that the drug did not come up and it should be changed.

The development of thrombosis on the background of ha-not a myth!

Scary stories about thrombosis on the background of GC-however, this is clearly written in the instructions. The great value has revealing of predisposition to it: history of diseases of the relatives, the history of the patient, Smoking, etc. in women with existing risk (based on the data collected) conduct a special analysis showing the presence of a predisposition to this complication, and take an individual decision. Varicose veins of the lower extremities without thrombosis is not a contraindication to the reception of ha.

There should be no breaks in the intake of GC “in order for the ovaries to remember how to work”, this is a myth invented in Russia. On the contrary, continuous administration of the drug is preferred even without pauses for menstrual reaction. The spotting that occurs when you are taking ha is not menstruation in the physiological sense, it is a “pharmacological show”, that is, these secretions are only a reaction of the uterine mucosa in response to discontinuation of the drug. There’s no physiological meaning, is created only in order to the woman saw that she “comes menstruation, then all is well, pregnancy is not and I am healthy.”

At reception of GK it is not necessary to make breaks on “rest”.

There is a continuous method of taking ha, that is, taking several packs of the drug without interruption or without “pacifiers” (3, 6, 9, 12 packs, etc.). It is proved that this method of reception is better tolerated, is associated with fewer such effects and is preferable. The only thing that occurs with this method of reception in the first three months of intermittent spotting.

Taking ha does not affect your ability to get pregnant, the menstrual cycle after discontinuation of the drug should recover within a few months. If the menstrual cycle is not restored, then you before taking the drug could be a violation of its regulation, which manifested again.

Taking ha does not affect the ovarian reserve, that is, to keep the follicles in the ovaries and prolong youth in this way will not work. Despite the fact that the ovaries are at rest and ovulation does not occur, the follicles continue to disappear according to its program.

There is still no definitive data on whether GC affects the risk of breast cancer. There are studies that prove the existence of risk, and there are those that deny it. But it is shown that taking ha slightly increases the risk of cervical cancer. It is assumed that the reception of ha increases the likelihood of damage to cells under the influence of human papilloma virus. Therefore, I remind you about the need to regularly take a cytological smear from the cervix.

At the same time, taking ha reduces the risk of three types of cancer: ovarian cancer (40-80%), endometrial cancer (50 %) and colorectal cancer (colon and rectum cancer) (40%), while the effect persists after discontinuation of the drug.

Taking hormonal contraceptives slightly increases the risk of cervical cancer and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and colorectal cancer. That’s the paradox.

In ha there are other positive effects: reducing pain during menstruation; reducing the abundance of menstruation; reducing the severity of premenstrual syndrome (PMS); reducing the severity of acne and sebaceous skin, growth of unwanted hair; reducing the likelihood of gynecological diseases and conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, endometrial polyp, adenomyosis, ovarian cyst, endometrial hyperplasia, ectopic pregnancy, rupture of ovarian cyst, inflammation of the appendages and mastopathy.

There are no age limits for taking GC (you can often hear that women over 40 can not take them). On the contrary, the use of ha facilitates the transition to menopause, reduces the likelihood of menopausal syndrome, retains bone density, and protects against the development of endometrial hyperplasia, which often develops in this period against the background of menstrual cycle disorders, which entails the need for scraping. But Smoking in patients receiving GC after 30 years of not!

There are no age restrictions for taking hormonal contraceptives. However Smoking after 30 in patients receiving GK is strictly contraindicated!

GK does not treat any gynecological diseases – it is important to remember. We use ha to solve operational problems, for example, to stop bleeding, regression of functional cysts or to reduce the severity of symptoms of certain diseases. Most often, ha are prescribed for the prevention of recurrence of gynecological diseases after surgery, because, as described above, ha reduce the likelihood of their development. GK can’t cure any diseases, but you can manage your symptoms: for example, in endometriosis, they reduce soreness or abundant menstruation but endometriosis is not cure. Ha can help reduce the severity of acne, oily skin and growth of unwanted hair, but the cause is not eliminated. Remember that GK does not treat infertility, violation of the regularity of the menstrual cycle and not able to “restore hormonal balance”. GC for gynecologist (if not to talk about contraception) – just a tool for temporary solutions to some problems, but no more.

GC is not able to cure polycystic ovary syndrome. Against the background of their intake, the cycle becomes regular, but it is nothing more than a” pharmacological show”, and not the restoration of the proper functioning of the ovaries. Ovaries on the background of receiving ha are at rest. For the treatment of this condition, endocrine disorders are eliminated and/or ovulation stimulation is carried out for a specific pregnancy. At the same time, taking ha in the presence of this disease can simply freeze the solution to the problem until the necessary pregnancy, if you need contraception and there is a need to solve aesthetic problems (acne, unwanted hair growth).

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