About Sex

You can write endlessly about sex, for some reason this topic is inexhaustible, despite the fact that, at first glance, this activity is quite simple and understandable. A priori, sex is necessary for reproduction, and if you limit yourself only to this function, there is simply nothing to write about. The other side of sex is pleasure, but again, if we are talking only about men-again, the topic is exhausted; men, as a rule, always get their own way. There is an explicable biological expediency in this – without a male orgasm, reproduction is impossible. It turns out that the main problem in sex is precisely female pleasure, the mechanism of which is so complex that many women unravel this complex tangle of emotional and physiological problems all their lives, and not everyone manages to do it to the end.

Without the male orgasm is impossible the continuation of the species.

It just so happens that a female orgasm is not necessary for reproduction, that is, a woman can get pregnant without getting any pleasure, so this is the most pleasure optional. If you continue to speak about orgasms in the aspect of evolutionary biology, it turns out that orgasmic woman has no additional advantage over the woman does not experience orgasm, as is the ability to get pleasure from sex increases its fertility and makes it more attractive to men from the point of view of marriage. After all, in terms of the survival of the species, only the ability to produce offspring is important, and the female orgasm does not play any role here. The ability to have an orgasm does not significantly affect a woman’s health, longevity, or ability to conceive. If for a man the fact of arousal is a prerequisite for sexual intercourse, since without arousal there will be no erection, some women may participate in sexual intercourse without sufficient arousal and desire.

From the point of view of evolutionary biology, there is no need for a female body. After all, procreation is possible without getting pleasure. Men are quite another matter.

Perhaps this partly explains the problem of female pleasure in sex, which they have been actively trying to cope with for quite a long time. The problem has two components: psychological and physiological, and they are, of course, inextricably linked. I will try to cover both of these components, but since I am still a gynecologist, we will mostly talk about the anatomy and physiology of sexual intercourse and female orgasm.

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