About Women’s Age

That’s right, that women hide their age! In fact, the age of a woman quite often does not correspond to what is indicated in the passport, of course, I am talking about the reproductive age, but it directly affects the appearance and self-perception. Alas, at birth, girls get very different “portions” of follicles in the ovaries. The size of these “portions”, in turn, determines the duration of the reproductive period, the saturation of female sex hormones and, accordingly, the appearance. The number of follicles in the ovaries is also called the ovarian reserve, since it is the follicles that produce hormones and contain immature eggs that are necessary for pregnancy. Here are some important facts:

The length of the reproductive period, the saturation of female sex hormones and, of course, the appearance depend on the number of follicles laid in the ovaries.

  1. Normally, menopause can occur from 42 to 58 years, that is, for someone 35 years is the middle of the reproductive period, and for someone-already the end.
  2. The existence of such injustice is influenced by: hereditary factors (including hereditary diseases), surgical operations (especially removal of endometrioid ovarian cysts), chemotherapy and radiation therapy (in the treatment of cancer), smoking, etc. Do not affect: taking contraceptives, participating in IVF protocols (ovulation stimulation).
  3. There are no ways to return or increase your ovarian reserve, that is, “how much was given at birth, so much will be”, but you can not lose: quit smoking, check with a gynecologist once a year and do an ultrasound so as not to miss the formation of ovarian cysts. You can assess the ovarian reserve using a set of tests and studies: on the 2nd-3rd day of the cycle, you need to do a blood test for FSH, estradiol and AMH, as well as undergo ultrasound on the same days of the cycle, so that the doctor counts the number of follicles in each ovary. The data obtained allow us to draw relative conclusions about the state of the ovarian reserve, but they are quite approximate, that is, the doctor will not be able to tell you exactly when you will start menopause, but can indicate a decrease in this reserve. Basically, this set of tests is used by reproductologists to assess the possibility of ovulation stimulation in IVF protocols.

Normally, menopause occurs at the age of 42 to 58 years, partly this depends on the initial number of follicles in the ovaries.

  1. It is proved that the quality of genetic material in eggs progressively decreases with age, that is, the risk of conceiving a child with chromosomal disorders increases, which is why it is advised to get pregnant earlier. In addition, a woman with a good ovarian reserve at 42 years old can easily become pregnant, and another at this age can already begin menopause. This is important to remember.
  2. Tip – if your age is approaching 30 years and it so happened for various reasons that in the near future you will not be able to get pregnant, evaluate your ovarian reserve (especially if you have undergone surgery on the ovary or cancer treatment). You always have the opportunity to safely freeze several of your eggs in a cryobank just in case, so that you can safely plan your life, not depend on an internal timer.

It is very important to remember about your ovarian reserve and properly manage it, because if you miss the moment, you will not be able to create new follicles for any money!

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